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Slave collar-wearing waitresses serve food and also engage in bondage-themed displays
Whips, chains and fancy food: New S&M fetish restaurant opens to rave reviews - Daily Star
DietNutrition • by BoonEvil • 34 views •  5 comments • 3 days ago

China is scouring the world for meat to replace the millions of pigs killed by African swine fever ...
China Reshapes Global Meat Markets as African Swine Fever Rages
DietNutrition • by BoonEvil • 8 views •  1 comments • 3 days ago

A man was beaten up and had his beloved chicken sandwich stolen after going on a sick N-word tirade inside a Popeyes fast-food restaurant.

The incident took place in Silver Spring, Maryland - with video footage showing the man standing at a counter before launching into a foul-mouthed rant at a young man.
Popeye's Customer Was Beaten Up and Beloved Chicken Sandwich Was Stolen After N-word Tirade
DietNutrition • by Middleman • 13 views •  1 comments • 5 days ago

Paul Kirtley
44.9K subscribers
"How on earth do you pack a week's food into a side pocket?" was a common response to my video about how to efficiently pack bushcraft-oriented gear into a rucksack. In that video (link below) I showed how I packed my baseline set-up into a Karrimor Sabre 45 rucksack with side pockets. Even after adding all of my camping kit and personal equipment, one of the side pouches remained empty. I commented that I could still get a week's worth of food into that side pocket if I so desired.
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DietNutrition • by Paladin* • 19 views •  1 comments • 2 weeks ago

Dunkin' is launching its Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich nationally in November, two months ahead of schedule, after a highly successful test of the product this summer.
Dunkin' is launching its Beyond Meat sandwich nationally  - CNN
DietNutrition • by Paladin* • 51 views •  6 comments • 3 weeks ago

Did you notice how the guy in the video put his picture on the box image between the Rice Krispies guys?Kinky.
don’t know but those Frosted Porn Flakes look almost as yummy as the kind heterosexuals eat.
After Test Marketing Phase, Kellogg's is Introducing Cereal Exclusively for LGBTQ Community - DC Clothesline
DietNutrition • by 1FRAC1 • 100 views •  6 comments • 3 weeks ago

SOME of the nation’s favourite fast food meals could be banned if a new NHS “calorie cap” is given the green light. Dame Sally Davies, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer, wants th…
The McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s and Nandos meals that could be BANNED if new NHS calorie counts given green light – The Sun
DietNutrition • by BoonEvil • 33 views •  2 comments • 4 weeks ago

A plant-based diet can be a reality for everyone—that's what Tracey Kleber wants the world to see in a new video series she created, Cook Vegan for Me.
'Cook Vegan for Me' Series Explores the Delicious Side of Compassion
DietNutrition • by manditoe • 32 views •  3 comments • 4 weeks ago

Tel Aviv University researchers, in collaboration with scholars from Spain, have uncovered evidence of the storage and delayed consumption of animal bone marrow at Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv, the site of many major discoveries from the late Lower Paleolithic period some 400,000 years ago.
Study finds prehistoric humans ate bone marrow like canned soup 400,000 years ago
DietNutrition • by Middleman • 30 views •  1 comments • 1 month ago

I have my own.

(Though I do not currently have a "dehydrator" due to moving a lot, spices include cumin, smoked paprika, the fresh juice of three limes, pink salt, fresh ground black pepper, ground coriander, sprinkle turmeric, coconut sugar (handful) 3 splashes Tabasco... I think that's all?
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DietNutrition • by Romeo_Travis • 61 views •  3 comments • 1 month ago

Made with 50 percent beef and 50 percent vegan Beyond Burger, the chain’s Hybrid Burger—which comes topped with vegan gouda cheese—sparks widespread confusion on Twitter. 
Pub Chain BrewDog Blends Vegan Beyond Burger With Beef and the Internet’s Not Having It   | VegNews
DietNutrition • by Paladin* • 12 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

A new study from the University of California San Francisco has found that several raw foods contain antimicrobial compounds that damage or kill bacteria in our bodies.
Roasted or raw? Cooking veggies may boost gut health, study claims | Daily Mail Online
DietNutrition • by MarkRowley • 45 views •  3 comments • 1 month ago

Dietitian Helen Bond has helped to estimate the distances you would have to walk to burn off calories after eating. For example Beefeater's mixed grill would be a walk from Brighton to Eastbourne
This is how far you'd have to walk to burn off calories after meals at Nando's and Zizzis | Daily Mail Online
DietNutrition • by MarkRowley • 10 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

For the first time in probably half a decade I walked into a Burger King, ordered an Impossible Whopper, and ate the damned thing.
Impossible to Love: The Reality of the Impossible Whopper
DietNutrition • by Paladin* • 80 views •  7 comments • 1 month ago

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Heart Association have released guidance on healthy beverage choices for young children. Among the consensus recommendations:

Children aged 5 years and under should avoid flavored milks, toddler formulas, plant-based/non-dairy milks (unless they're lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy), caffeinated drinks, and sugar-sweetened or low-calorie sweetened beverages.
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DietNutrition • by Middleman • 12 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

The Impossible Burger will make its grocery store debut at Gelson's Markets in Los Angeles on Friday.
Impossible Burger to be sold at grocery stores starting at Gelson's
DietNutrition • by Middleman • 10 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

Pizza hut and Cheez-It teamed up on the limited-edition item, now in stores across the US. The $6.49 dish comes with marinara dipping sauce and can be filled with just cheese or pepperoni and cheese.
Pizza Hut Debuts New Stuffed CHEEZ-IT Pizza
DietNutrition • by Middleman • 14 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago


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