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List of the top 10 most harmful foods people keep eating! There are still countless food products that, while they may taste delicious to a lot of you. They ...

10 Most Harmful Foods People Keep Eating.

It tastes like rose petals. It smells like a campfire. It glistens with a burnt-orange hue. What is it? A 5,000-euro bottle of Petrus Pomerol wine that spent a year in space.

Researchers in Bordeaux are analyzing a dozen bottles of the precious liquid — along with 320 snippets of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines — that returned to Earth in January after a sojourn aboard the International Space Station.

A CHEAPSKATE family have saved a fortune by dining on roadkill and fashioning presents out of carcasses. Fanatically frugal Vickie and John from Ida

Extreme cheapskate family eat roadkill for dinner - and even use carcasses to make gifts for friends

A BREWER has given up food for 46 days in Lent — and will survive on beer instead.Del Hall, 45, claims he loses 3½ stone from his liquid diet

Brewer gives up food for 46 days in Lent and will survive on beer instead

A hands-off recipe for this Italian classic.

Mini shells, ziti or ditalini pasta, either way you will never go wrong with this slow-cooker recipe (sub the dried pintos, for canned, less work) serve with tomato and mozz., fresh basil and balsamic vinegar and fresh bread, oh my, so good.

Pasta e Fagioli Amazing with Chopped Up Italian Meatballs, Before Spriing Really Springs, Make a Pot - So Good?

People in the South are currently in dire need. After winter storm Uri threatened an already-fragile power system, over


TOWIE’S Fran Parman ignited a furious debate – just by posing next to her fridge. The star appeared in a snap with a bowl of shredded wheat, not realising the bottle of ketchup

Towie's Fran Parman disgusts fans who spot she keeps ketchup in the fridge - but is she right?

A HUNGRY diner was stunned when her takeaway delivery driver sent the message: “Sorry love, ate your food.” Illy Ilyas, 21, then received a text asking her to tip the cheeky Uber Eats courier. But …

Hungry diner left stunned when Uber Eats driver sent her the message: 'Sorry love, ate your food'

Aleph Farms in Israel, who debuted the first lab-grown steak, updates their formula with a new 3D printing process.

Behold the 3D-printed Ribeye Steak

Winning awards for their dramatic weight loss set these four slimmers off on very different paths - changing their lives for the better and the worse

'At first my 19st weight loss made me happy - then I threw myself from a window' - Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: A charity has shared pictures of 'airline-style' meals being dished out to asylum-seekers - including pregnant women and kids - confined to hotels and banned from earning money to buy their own food

Refugees 'hungry and sick' as Home Office contractors hand out 'degrading' meals - Mirror Online

SAM Palmer’s eyes were on stalks when she unpacked the shopping — and found a foot-long banana. She said mum Paula had not noticed what a whopper it was at the supermarket. But when they pulled it …

Woman shocked after discovering huge foot-long banana the size of her forearm

Roger's Wholesale opened its fifth branch in Stockport on Saturday, having already opened stores in Poole, Plymouth, Southampton and Bilston, with customers queuing up to get in

Bargain hunters queue up at 'gone past best' warehouse for half-price food - Mirror Online

SUBWAY’S tuna sandwich contains “no scintilla of tuna at all,” two women have claimed in a $5million lawsuit against the fast food giant. The California pair claim the popular Subway tuna san…

Subway tuna sandwich 'does NOT have tuna in it and is actually mix of various concoctions,' lawsuit claims

EXCLUSIVE: Erika McCall and Niesha Forbes have brought together a collection of funny and embarrassing dating stories for their new book All Good A Week Ago - and this week they're sharing their favourites with The Mirror

Man says single mum he dated 'deserved weekend in jail' for breakfast she gave him - Mirror Online

Between science, research and zombie movies we have become inundated with images and themes meant to indoctrinate human beings collectively into accepting, first the idea, then the reality, of consuming human flesh.

Of course they do not want us calling it "cannibalism," even though that is what humans consuming human flesh/meats is.
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A government television broadcast in Cuba this week urged citizens to eat guinea pig and other rodents, suggesting rodent meat is more nutritious and “sustainable” than pork or beef, Cuban outlets reported on Wednesday.

The Communist Party has presided over major food shortages in Cuba for decades, beginning almost immediately following the Cuban Revolution in 1959. In recent years, the Castro regime has blamed President Donald Trump for extensive food shortages and failed distribution of government-mandated rations. While the Trump administration has imposed significant sanctions on the regime in response to the increased frequency of human rights violations against pro-democracy dissidents in the Obama era, these sanctions have targeted elite individuals and military-linked corporations, not sources of food for the general population.
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Cuban Communists: Eat Rodents Instead of Pork or Beef

As if 2020 wasn't already weird and awkward enough, McDonald's has decided to really take the cake. Though the iconic fast-food chain is known for delivering drool-worthy items (like the holiday pie and chocolate brownie McFlurry) in markets around the world, their new creation is guaranteed to get people talking—even if they're not saying the nicest things.
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McDonald's Releasing Oreo and Spam Burger in China


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