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The rage mob chose Triumph Systems as their latest cancel-culture target over this product, the Threat/No Threat double sided target for use with the company’s Pivotal Trainer. Triumph Systems is a business co-owned by a longtime family friend, retired Navy SEAL and recipient of the Bronze Star with V for valor, Jared Ogden. The company makes training products and targets and while they work with civilians, they work mostly with law enforcement and Ogden uses his products to train law enforcement on safer and more efficient engagement. (Full disclosure: I’m proud to work with them on the pro-staff and my husband is on the board of the company.) Kentucky professor Joe Dunman took issue with the product in this now-deleted Tweet, which spread across social media:
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Blaire White, 2 hours ago 3 min read

There appears to be some turbulence ahead for the LGBT community. According to a national survey by GLAAD, LGBT acceptance appears to be declining in America. Interestingly, it’s declining among a group that is often touted as the most accepting and socially “woke”—millennials.
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This is the reason why LGBT acceptance is declining - The Post Millennial
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If you want to know which American companies profit off of prison labor, take a look at this eye-opening list. These companies have all used prison labor at one point.
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My utube recommendations,hhh.,..
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According to this man , they are the modern day descendants of esau, and a famous edomite was ceaser aurelius, referring to the bible, he explains,...
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Faced with a president that is actually batting above 500 on the world stage, critics are grasping at any straw they can find, whether it’s going after the first lady’s wardrobe or showcasing national leaders mildly dishing and giggling like middle-schoolers in the lunchroom.
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James Carafano: Trump at NATO summit – There is nothing new about elitists trashing presidents | Fox News
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Conservative activist Mike Luso interviewed students at Cal Poly Pomona to find out if they thought President Trump is a racist or not, and predictably, most of the brainwashed far-left students accused the President of being a racist. WATCH:
WATCH: College Students Debate If President Trump Is Racist Or Not
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Interview of evo morales post coup by ex president of ecuador on his new talk show talking w correa on rt america

Evo morales Agrees crucial lithium deal w putin 4 mnths prior to coup

Nirvana song lithium kurt dead... smiley .. smiley ... smiley
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During my three years leading the U.S. Southern Command roughly a decade ago, I was in charge of all military operations south of the Mexican border....
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I'm just curious, who signed the paper to say 'Mr' Usman Khan was a good boy now and could walk the streets of London?
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If you have blocked a user, or know somebody who has blocked a user, and the "blockee" is logging off to read those comments whether to complain or not...then by the definition of the rules that is stalking. If you see a person you know is blocked by a fellow member make reference to anything said by a member who has blocked him then highlight that infringement of the rules to your moderator immediately under the breach of the stalking rule. If you know a member blocked by a fellow user has made a complaint over content blocked to them then please abide by the rules and report their stalking behaviour.
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As the U.S. heads into another election year,

reflecting on 2016.. a question repeats is it okay to punch nazis?
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Whatever the test tells you, remember you are not alone here.

A helpline is being developed should you need to talk to someone about what you discovered or leave a comment below.

Thank you for your attention.
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I really enjoy these events w Our current Prez. They really connect and feel warm and authentic now..
How hott is Melania, wow...
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Featuring David S. Fink, MPhil, MPH, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University; Kate M. Nicholson, JD, Civil rights attorney and pain patient advocate; Nathan Freed Wessler, JD, Staff attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project; Patience Moyo, PhD, Assistant Professor, Brown University School of Public Health; moderated by Jeffrey A. Singer, MD, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute.
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Reason #47,321 to be glad you’re not a liberal: You get to enjoy your holiday and allow those around you to enjoy theirs. Not so for our left-wing counterparts, who mostly disdain Thanksgiving – along with Columbus Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. – freighting it with their liberal guilt and contempt for any one or thing that doesn’t reflect their....
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5 Reasons Liberals Hate Thanksgiving
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This is the last face you’ll see before being shipped off to Saudi Arabia to “ensure the free flow of resources necessary to support the global economy.”
United States Marine Corps, 2019
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