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When the coronavirus pandemic was just starting, then-Defense Minister Naftali Bennett had a brilliant idea.

At the time, Israel's Shin Bet security service was making a great effort to exempt itself from the dubious mission the government had imposed on it: Using sophisticated cellphone traffic tracking systems (also known as the “tool”) to trace contacts between people infected with the virus and those they could have infected.
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By Matt Purple

What a pair are Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew — like peanut butter and petroleum jelly, like pepper and road salt. With Epstein conveniently self-strangulated, it’s Andrew’s turn to face the music now, as a US judge ruled on Wednesday that the civil case against him can proceed. Andrew stands accused of sexually assaulting a then-underaged American named Virginia Giuffre. He’s alleged to have violated her multiple times, in New York, in London, and on Epstein’s eponymous Pedo Island.
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Residents of Chios successfully prevented a cargo ship from delivering equipment for the construction of a new migrant center on the Greek island. “At the sight of the ship, residents and elected officials stood in front of the mooring ramp, preventing the crew from dropping the ship’s catapult,” Politischios reports.
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This used to be an article on Merck’s Covid pill but one that attracted a very interesting perspective on the site. LankyLep expressed an honest opinion with some true constructive criticism, one that deeply troubled me. I now realize I am equally part of the problem as much as part of the solution.
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Think Pelosi and Schumer will nominate Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize ?

Video explaining the ideas of history's great thinkers in order to help supply the world with more knowledge, to empower the individual, and to promote freedom.

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL - YouTube

Could the moon be a hollow-bodied construct that contains a hidden message encoding the deeper mysteries of our universe and life on Earth?

Watch Dan Bongino every Saturday Night at 10:00 pm, on FOX give his UNFILTERED opinion, based in truth, to the world.

“History instills a sense of citizenship, and reminds you of questions to ask, especially about evidence,” Willis told me. In a follow-up e-mail after our conversation, Mikhail wrote, “A study of the past shows us that the only way to understand the present is to embrace the messiness of politics, culture, and economics. There are never easy answers to pressing questions about the world and public life.”
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Jessica Campos Visalia Ca. 3 year old girl dies in hot car as mom tended pot plants. Expansive marijuana plant operation discovered.

Mother of the year candidate ......

Jessica Campos Visalia girl, 3, dies in hot car as mom tended pot plants

Juden Verboten
On May 13, 2021, as rockets were flying into Israel, hate speech was reigning supreme on Facebook. The Jerusalem Prayer Team page was bombarded with 800,000 nasty, anti-Semitic remarks....

FB is THE enemy

Facebook Allows Anti-Semitic Comments, Cancels Pro-Israel Page – PJ Media


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