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Eline Van Der Velden goes speed dating armed with phrases that real people have said to each other online, but she is going to say them face to face.

A JILTED mum who put a snap of her naked ex on social media with laughing emojis next to his “little” willy was jailed yesterday.Yasmin Walker, 29

Mum locked up for 3 months after sharing revenge porn snap of former boyfriend on Instagram

In the video for "Dog Days Are Over" Florence invites POCs to dance, prance, clap, and drum in the video. Then, as the video's winding down, the POCs explode to what seems to be the delight of the singer.


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What Is The Republicans' Problem With Science and Common Sense?

I ask myself this question every day. The evidence I have is sparse ...

... Sometimes when I posted something I got +1 from him. Several times I saw him speak through the chat box.
But here is my best "evidence". I was going for a walk once, when suddenly a large spotlight crashed down from the sky. It was labeled "Sirius".
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Lately in the news Standardized tests have been a topic of discussion. Some call for them to be reworked because they are slanted against persons of color. My personal stance on standardized tests is: they are biased. I consider them biased because they are slanted against children that do not put in the work to learn. ...
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If a man did this - he'd have to resign all future movie deals - hounded by Hollywood's gender bias and MeToo man haters.


Yeah, I know I just said this was for broke ass white people, but if selling weed taught me anything, it’s that Black and white people have different definitions of being broke. Poor white people still have more money than poor Black people, if for no other reason because some members of poor white families are still doing alright.
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10 Ways To Pay Reparations If You’re a Broke Ass White Person | by The DiDi Delgado | Medium


The question seemed to be a simple, so I used the search engine duckduckgo to find some answers. What I found were the following articles:

• Alabama professor on Dr. Seuss: Discontinuing racist books isn’t ‘cancel culture’ -

Racialism seems to be the umbrella for these articles. A simple definition for an noun, sometimes an adjective, that receives so much daily usage, is slippery at best given the multiplicity of interpertations.

Neither lending a definition by counterintuitive means, t squirms its slippery self to defy a definition of what it is by what is not. Its definable characteristics are concurrently contradictory and eminently cogent.

In the country where I live, racism is not against the law, neither is bigotry or prejudice, though a practitioner performing such activities, may become an instant pariah. Hate speech can be slippery to define sometimes, so I let the law do what it does best here.

What do you think, eh?

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The woman shared the messages on Twitter, where they quickly went viral and sparked a debate, with many people left open-mouthed at the man's request

Man asks woman for £25 refund when she rejects him after their third date - Mirror Online

A HUGE 900lb tiger shark has been reeled in by a group of Sydney fishermen after a 45-minute grapple with the ferocious beast. Captain Paul Barning and the crew of the Dark Horse caught the deadly …


Does Trophy fishing get the distaste and level of vitriol when it's done to a shark, as when it's done to a giraffe ?
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Massive 900lbs mega shark caught as fishermen haul beast onto tiny boat after 45-minute battle

GARCIA-NAVARRO: So what do you mean by multiracial whiteness?

BELTRAN: So there's been a whole lot of people thinking and theorizing about white supremacy. And all of these scholars share a view that I share, that whiteness is not the same thing as white people and that whiteness is actually better understood as a political project that has emerged historically, and that is dynamic and that is always changing.
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Where are Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia? Will they ever return ???

Always best to choose the biased, progressive yellow rag media sources enamoured with caviling dramatic facsimiles of truth for readership.

These divisive prevarications range from police shooting black criminals in self defense to the President of the United States colluding with Russia for political gain.
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Texas lawmakers have introduced legislation to protect girls and women who participate in sports from transgender competition.

Males competing with females in sporting events is only equal when legislated.

Texas Lawmakers File Bill to Ban Biological Males from Competing in Women's Sports



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