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The\ president’s lawsuit to shield his White House records came under scrutiny in court on Tuesday.

Appeals court judges poised to reject Trump’s effort to withhold Jan. 6 documents - POLITICO

The district attorney who put Bill Cosby in prison has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate Cosby's conviction.

Jussie Smollett stands accused of staging a hate crime against himself in Chicago.

Trial set to start on charges that actor faked racist attack - POLITICO

When a suburban Minneapolis police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright in April, her reaction on body-camera video seemed to instantly establish the key facts of the case: “I grabbed the wrong (expletive) gun,” Kim Potter said.

For cop who shot Daunte Wright, will 'wrong gun' plea work? | AP News

Report: San Francisco sees 753% increase in car break-ins in tourist areas
Monday, June 28, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting a 753% increase in car break-ins in the city's Central District from May 2020 to May 2021.
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San Francisco is LAWLESS, Bipping and Boosting - YouTube

The video of Ahmaud Arbery's shotgun death was a shocking piece of evidence that suddenly brought the black man's killing into the national consciousness.

Their own words may have doomed men who killed Ahmaud Arbery | AP News

The jury reached the right verdict – even as the criminal justice system did everything it could to exonerate the three men

Justice prevailed in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers. In America, that’s a shock | Moustafa Bayoumi | The Guardian

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom told mayors in his state to "step up" on Monday following a weekend million-dollar looting spree in San Francisco.

“I’m not the mayor of California, but I was a mayor, and I know, when things like this happen, mayors have to step up,” Newsom said at a San Francisco vaccine clinic on Monday. “That’s not an indictment. That’s not a cheap shot.”
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Newsom Told Mayors To

The killing was captured on video and shared around the world: Ahmaud Arbery running toward and then around an idling pickup truck before its driver blasted him at close range with a shotgun.

EXPLAINER: Trio guilty of killing Ahmaud Arbery. What now? | AP News

On Tuesday, WVLT reported that a Knoxville, Tennessee man held up a Little Caesars in Cedar Bluff with an AK-47 rifle after being told his pepperoni pizza order would take ten minutes."Officers responded to the restaurant just after 9 p.m. Friday where they were told that the suspect, identified as ...

Tennessee man holds up Little Caesars with AK-47 after being told of 10-minute wait for pizza


Demonstrators in the US must fear not only police brutality but also rightwing vigilantes.

Rittenhouse – the armed white teenager who traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin to allegedly “protect” local businesses from anti-racism protesters in Kenosha, whereupon he shot and killed two people and injured another – has been acquitted of all charges. I don’t think anyone who has followed the trial even casually will be surprised by this verdict. After the various antics by the elected judge, which seemed to indicate where his sympathies lay, and the fact that the prosecution asked the jurors to consider charges lesser than murder, the writing was on the wall.
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Kyle Rittenhouse FREE. Now it’s OPEN SEASON on protesters. Only In America.

A jury acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday of murder in the fatal shooting of two men during racial justice protests in a decision that ignited fierce debate about gun rights and the boundaries of self defense in the United States.

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty of all charges in Wisconsin murder trial | Reuters

The judge at Kyle Rittenhouse's murder trial banned MSNBC from the courthouse Thursday after police said they briefly detained a man who had followed the jury bus and may have tried to photograph jurors.

MSNBC banned from Rittenhouse trial after bus incident

By Gangsters Inc. Editors An enforcer for the Gangster Disciples operating in Tennessee was convicted Wednesday of racketeering charges, including murder and o…

The Mexican drug trade has not always been characterized by corruption of high-level politicians and audacious acts of violence. How did this illicit industr...

Netflix's"NARCOS:Mexico"Meet The Real-Life Felix, Rafa & Kiki; The Characters Who Inspired Narcos: Mexico

From Farmers to Kingpins: The Evolution of the Mexican Drug Trade - YouTube

At one point, the 18-year-old murder defendant stood behind the seated, black-robed judge and peered over him to review evidence.

Rittenhouse case raises question: What makes a fair trial?

Miramax accuses Quentin Tarantino of copyright infringement for offering to sell 'Pulp Fiction' NFTs.


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