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Steffen Schwarz a German farmer's unusual marriage proposal involving a corn field and a camera drone had an unexpected side effect -- it's visible on Google Earth.

Creativity and determination award goes to this German Farmer, hope his marriage resulting from the proposal turns out as well.

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Watch: German farmer's marriage proposal spotted on Google Earth -

Need a box to put Grandma in?

Tiny houses have cropped up in popularity as housing prices are rising and minimalistic downsizing is becoming more trendy.


Amazon sells a $19,000 do-it-yourself tiny-home kit that takes only 2 days to build — here's what it looks like inside

Anyone a fan?

I need some 1-2-3 blocks and a set of those carbide sanding blocks!

Boy, I really wish I had a shop like her's.

I have never done this but it looks like a very cool technique I want to try.

I LOVE her channel on YT smiley

I love foam work. It can be so satisfying and look so good with some detail work and the proper finish.

Since the earliest days of her artistic career, Michigan artist Anne Mondro has been captivated by human anatomy, creating her own interpretations of internal organs and body forms through crocheted sculptures. Working with thin steel and copper wire, she spends hundreds of hours on a single artwork, manifesting her own interpretations of hearts, lungs, limbs, and even entire bodies. “Crocheting wire enables me to create interwoven forms that are structurally strong, yet visually and physically light,” Mondro shares. “The forms allude to ethereal silhouettes associated with shadows, ghosts or decay.”
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Crocheted Wire Anatomy by Anne Mondro | Colossal

I've been using Poser for 20 years to create 3D scenes that I'd then render in the program itself or, mostly before it was a viable rendering platform on its own, in other programs. I love working with it. Out of nowhere this afternoon it clicked that a properly formatted file from Poser might work in a 3D printer!
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Last year, Eileen Pearsall from Bear, Delaware, decided to do something a little different with her Christmas tree. Instead of a traditional design, she ordered a black mannequin and built the tree around the doll, in the shape of a dress. The inventive decorations have become a big hit, and the 52-year-old has since created three new versions with photos being shared over 90,000 times online – which Eileen finds ‘quite exciting’.

Woman creates inventive Christmas trees with black dolls | Metro News



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