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After you catch that fish (in your back yard fresh water stream,I wish!) well than the perfect fast lesson how to clean and cook that fish, never know when this will come in handy, so I learned. Just need a really sharp knife.

With A Pitch Fork! Catch Clean and Feed Your Face With Fresh Fish - YouTube

I cannot identify some of the things he cooks but who cares, his fam just devours everything and well, learn something, and just be calm with nature in the process, let yourself feel ok for some time.

This man is so incredible cooking everyday and all kinds of things by just plucking ingredients from nature and grows food, IF you ever find yourself needing to know how to survive some, this is the way. Every veggie he grew every animal he raised or caught in the wild. This is rare to witness. Serene and in feel with nature is a good thing in these crazy times we find ourselves, just give him a minute of your time, feels good the whole touching nature thing, grew up in the Country, feels homey. Learned so much from this humble man at one with the Earth.
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Many home chefs know that tempering chocolate to achieve a perfect finish and a satisfying 'snap' is no easy feat.

Scientists May Have Just Found a Way to Make Chocolate Tempering Much Easier

Homemade breakfast sausage and a cheesy egg is sandwiched between pieces of fluffy, skillet-cooked biscuits in this breakfast of champions.

Homemade Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Air Fryer is your friend with this one, just jabbed rotisserie rod through, wrapped in bacon (maple flavored just what I had on deck) then tied string around it, and air fried 400 deg. 25 mins. checked added another 4 minutes in air fryer, so juicy and with insta-read thermometer, was 167 so ok good, let rest then disassembled, string and rod, sliced and omg was insanely good, this is my 2 out of 3 times a year I allow self to eat bacon, made steamed carrots and oh cut up potatoes, oiled and seasoned and put under the turning roast and omg dam straight those were some of the best potatoes I ever made. ...
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Cheesy potato pancakes are the best way to use up leftover mashed potatoes and yes it is absolutely worth it to make mashed potatoes just for this recipe!
However these sure to please starch food will always get rid of leftovers so make more than you need the night before just to do this, short list of ingredients and a wonderful delight. Seeing how vegetable oil is so drain clogging on the system maybe go with some avocado oil instead, and oh it has the highest burn temperature of the oils. So there is that.
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Making Some Mashed Potatoes Make Some Extra For This - So Good!

So, watched a bunch of making Bangers and Mash (a British dish) videos, sent away for the Marmite (a brown thick paste like thing for adding deeper flavoring and color to dishes) like 8 bucks USD for a small jar, and bought really good sausage.

I don't even know what kind of flavor doing this was going to make but was really happy that this turned out so good, just potatoes, scallions, sausage, onions, Marmite, corn starch (for thickening) and water (I kept two cups of the water from the potatoes when draining and used that in the pan) that is it and this is going to be a common dish now in my house, the flavor is a combo of a rich onion brown gravy with your favorite sausage, with a hint of fennel, the texture compliment each other perfectly.I used red potatoes but use any you have, this is the video I followed, the water from potatoes I got from another video and added to this one. I find that corn starch is easier to work with than flour.
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It took me only about 20 or so videos any a couple of few days to find my aura in this manna of delectable flavors to come to perfection (that is not an easy feat. I do say) so along the way picking up all the tips (such as dry out the scallops with paper towels for real, want to caramelize not boil)and oh have some white wine around to de-glaze the pan, and butter, maybe some fresh scallions now in season bigger now, just put in H2O and let em grow and cut as needed. Do not overcook the linguine, strain, butter, scallion, parsley and salt and pepper, I did add some(chicken bouillon powder (Sazon)and old bay or whatever combo flavor your fam likes to the pot to cook the pasta, that is the best tip I have gotten all year, honestly, no sh*te, and also to sear the scallops dry em out serious don't ever boil them. I have to say this is the most amazing meal I have cooked in like forever, so F'ing good. To die for. I cannot stop stealing out of the pans, when it comes to dine, I will be full, can't stop. Any hints will do ya. Customize it to your fams fave flavors. You like garlic then use plenty, like parsley, use it,there is no wrong here, just dazzle your fams with what they like the best. Nuff said! Q
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I tried BAKING SODA on $1 Steak and this happened!


Why is homemade marinara better? Well, it turns out that even if you’re buying organic, there may be extra unnecessary ingredients (like sugar or milk), which can translate to unnecessary extra calories and fat. ...
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Not gonna believe me here but I am serious. This is the best last minute bring along to any kind of gathering I swear, sounds brazening crazy, but it will be ALL GONE in minutes and everyone wants the recipe. (used to bring to work outings and when fishing/grilling out at the pier in FLorida years ago)
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Ok so throughout the day after my Daily Does of Internet, saw some vintage and depression era food, some of this o-my so bad, but I would kinda want to cook this one with Tuna, for a side to maybe scallions in garlic sauce, (i remember my mom with the Corned Beef on Toast crap, but yo are you hungry, you will eat, and be grateful). ...
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I was nice to just go into the kitchen with out a recipe, and just do what I know and caramelizing the three colored peppers, smashing the garlic, red onions browned, (tbsp of sugar, for no gases) browning and adding the ground beef, adding all the ingredient, the tomatoes, the beans the chili (no beans, to mushy) and love, yup gotta add the love. ...
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It’s hard to imagine Easter without the traditional roast leg of lamb. Accompanied by heaps of delicious potatoes, it’s all time classic, that is loved by many.

Serves: 6 Prep. time: 20′ Cooks in: 2 h Ready in: 2:20
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