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National Truffle Day is a holiday that comes with a treat. It’s a day that will probably result in an early dental appointment, but it's worth it.

NATIONAL TRUFFLE DAY - May 2, 2022 - National Today

In The Kitchen With Gina Young

Wingstop is selling "Blazed & Glazed" chicken wings flavored with hemp seeds, terpenes, strawberry, and cayenne pepper.

Fret not about those calories as you dig into this healthy yet sweet munchie!


Thursday is National Burrito Day, and Mexican chains are going the whole enchilada and passing along hot deals that include buy-one-get-one and discounted entrees.
The made-up food holiday is held on the first Thursday of April each year.


The Satta King is a deadly bowling league paddle. That is what it was designed for. It is a full sized paddle that can do some serious damage to any novice players who don't have the slightest idea on how to handle or improve their skills on bowling. That is exactly the reason why many people love to play Satta. They are made to help those who are willing to invest in improving their skills.
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Do you prefer drumsticks, flats, or a full chicken head?

One KFC customer allegedly got the option nobody wants, a full chicken head in a box of wings, according to news reports.

It allegedly happened in Twickenham, England.

A woman named Gabrielle said she “found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.”
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KFC customer found entire chicken head in order

After you catch that fish (in your back yard fresh water stream,I wish!) well than the perfect fast lesson how to clean and cook that fish, never know when this will come in handy, so I learned. Just need a really sharp knife.

With A Pitch Fork! Catch Clean and Feed Your Face With Fresh Fish - YouTube

I cannot identify some of the things he cooks but who cares, his fam just devours everything and well, learn something, and just be calm with nature in the process, let yourself feel ok for some time.

This man is so incredible cooking everyday and all kinds of things by just plucking ingredients from nature and grows food, IF you ever find yourself needing to know how to survive some, this is the way. Every veggie he grew every animal he raised or caught in the wild. This is rare to witness. Serene and in feel with nature is a good thing in these crazy times we find ourselves, just give him a minute of your time, feels good the whole touching nature thing, grew up in the Country, feels homey. Learned so much from this humble man at one with the Earth.
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Many home chefs know that tempering chocolate to achieve a perfect finish and a satisfying 'snap' is no easy feat.

Scientists May Have Just Found a Way to Make Chocolate Tempering Much Easier

Homemade breakfast sausage and a cheesy egg is sandwiched between pieces of fluffy, skillet-cooked biscuits in this breakfast of champions.

Homemade Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Air Fryer is your friend with this one, just jabbed rotisserie rod through, wrapped in bacon (maple flavored just what I had on deck) then tied string around it, and air fried 400 deg. 25 mins. checked added another 4 minutes in air fryer, so juicy and with insta-read thermometer, was 167 so ok good, let rest then disassembled, string and rod, sliced and omg was insanely good, this is my 2 out of 3 times a year I allow self to eat bacon, made steamed carrots and oh cut up potatoes, oiled and seasoned and put under the turning roast and omg dam straight those were some of the best potatoes I ever made. ...
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