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I guess it all Depends if gunshot and heart attack deaths are counted as COVID deaths? either way it helps coverup the FALL2019 Mega-$$$Trillion Bankster-BailOut that they Bankster/Gov/MSM "forgot" to tell us all anything about?

$$$$6TRILLION given to wall street in 6 weeks FALL2019 - > before COVID lockdowns initiated "Crash".... almost like they knew it was coming huh?
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Sell your Gun and buy Information Ammunition for your Brain - AE911Truth

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a ... [discrediting insult] weaponized by literally abusing Neural Linguistic Programming on the American Public - aka repetitive brainwashing by [Project Mockingbird] CIA agents installed in all major Main Stream Media TV Radio and Newspaper/magazine outlets

Conspiracy Theory? = CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term

The Biden administration now wants police nationwide to have the power to seize your weapons without a warrant. ...But here’s the remarkable thing, the Biden administration is backing the police officers who stole Edward Canaglia’s guns with no warrant. In fact, the Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to approve of this and make it a precedent.

Biden Admin. Wants Police to be Allowed to Seize Your Guns WITHOUT a Warrant - The New American

White supremacy, we're told, is behind a surge of anti-Asian hate crime, but the truth is much less convenient for the Left.

Douglas Andrews: The Left Is Lying About Anti-Asian Hate Crimes — The Patriot Post

Racism is apparently tolerated if you’re a liberal making bigoted comments about white people and/or conservatives. During a segment Thursday night on […] More

Racist MSNBC Host Says White GOP Wants to 'Starve' and ‘Torture’ Black People, End Democracy

the Banksters brainwashed them to divide and conquer. same as the republi-Bloods of course.

They are psychically decapitated by non stop brainwashing by the Bankster owned demon-Crypts - lost in the same delusional house of mirrors with repugnant-Bloods.

Both are forever egged on by FuXNoise TeddCrude MitchMcCornhole CNN MSNBC ChuckToddler and RachelMadcow
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Debunking disinformation on YouTube and Facebook viral videos on 5-minute crafts and Brightside.

Debunking Fake Videos & WHO'S behind 5-min crafts? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon.

The Chinese are a serious military, devoted to one thing: winning the coming war against the United States. Our military leadership is not serious. It has lost its edge and devoted itself to social experimentation while cheerleading itself into thinking everything is A-okay. It’s not.

Our Military Suffers Yet Another Defeat… This Time to Tucker Carlson by Kurt  Schlichter

HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned, as one bed-hopping husband in Manchester found out after this humiliating revenge.It’s very Agatha Christie isn’t it ?

Bizarre posters about 'cheating husband' found pinned on trees, lampposts and cars across neighbourhood in Oldham

MSNBC host Joy Reid is getting slammed for saying that Republicans would trade tax cuts in exchange for being able to say the N-word,

N-O-P-E, she's not a Race Hater, Bigoted, prejudiced, biased, divisive black woman with an audience, nope, nope nope. All love and Kum ba yah hugs and kisses.....

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says Republicans Would Trade Tax Cuts for Ability to Say the N-Word

Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and technological whiz turned philanthropist, doesn't seem to be a fan of bitcoin and other digital-assets.

QAnon is on the political fringes but its beliefs about mysterious Satan worshipers fall into a well-established pattern of Christian theology concerning conspiracies dating back to the medieval church and the witch hunts of the early modern era.

QAnon and the Satanic Panics of Yesteryear - The Bulwark

Hundreds of people have been investigated for their roles in the riot at the U.S. Capitol in January, and many have been arrested and face charges ranging from trespassing on up.

Who will be next on the Witch Hunt hit list ????

Report: FBI investigating members of Congress as riot 'suspects'!

Back in November China’s GTV loaded video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person. GTV is a Taiwanese channel in Mandarin. WARNING ON CONTENT!! The Gateway Pundit was first to post on this video — the first to be released — of Hunter Biden’s drug…

FIRST FAMILY TRASH: Hunter Biden was Having Sexual Relations with Dead Brother's Widow and Her Sister at Same Time

Back in July 2020 Scott McKay at American Spectator wrote an amazing piece on the Four Stages of Marxist Takeover. McKay’s report is based on the words and warnings of Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov. It’s been seven months since the report was published and the situation today is even more dire than predicted. ...
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Warning for America: The Four Steps of Marxist Takeover Were Activated in 2020

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Rochester, N.Y. on Tuesday night to protest the news that a grand jury had decided not to indict seven officers involved in the March 2020 arrest of Daniel Prude.

Yet another BLM falsehood, poor babies, if they were not criminals they'd still be alive - sans drug overdosing.

Daniel Prude grand jury verdict leads to Rochester protests after decision not to indict officers | Fox News

Judge Merrick Garland, in a Senate hearing regarding Joe Biden's nomination that he be the new U.S. attorney general, dropped a grenade into the quiet surroundings.

Merrick Garland: "I think the first thing I should do as part of my briefings on the Capitol Bombing are briefings with Director Wray as to where he sees the biggest threat... "
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Biden's attorney-general pick drops grenade, cites 'Capitol bombing'

The answer is obvious.

When a disaster hits a Democrat state, it's the fault of global warming and vague conditions. But when a disaster hits a Republican state, it's the fault of the Republicans. Even if, in reality, they have as little to do with it as Senator Ted Cruz does. The media is in the propaganda business. ...
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4 Dead, 15% of Oregon Lost Power: Why Don't We Hear About It? | Frontpagemag

Bloomberg Quicktake
2.53M subscribers
A Citigroup senior vice president was recently shown to be the man behind the biggest aggregator of posts tied to QAnon, a far-right hodgepodge of outlandish conspiracy theories. So a Bloomberg reporter rented a car and drove to his house in New Jersey to ask him a few questions.
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