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A shocking study from Israel exposes the coronavirus vaccine lies being pushed by the US government.

Israeli Study: Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity

“Lockstep”, written 10 years ago, chronicles how to bring the world down with a pandemic.

Was COVID Tyranny Scripted and Pre-Planned by The Rockefellers?

A leaked Zoom call by a doctor and staff at a North Carolina hospital showing the scheming behind the scenes to inflate COVID numbers and scare the unvaccinated has gone viral.

Busted! Doctor And Hospital Staff Scheme On How To Inflate COVID Numbers And Scare Non-Vaxxd

Conspiracy theorists may like to speculate about what billionaires do at their secret, lavish parties, but don’t worry, it’s just a whole lot of excess. Sure...

The Secret Parties Billionaires Don't Want You To Know About - YouTube

BREAKING: California High School AP Gov Teacher Admits Communist Indoctrination of Students "I have an ANTIFA FLAG on my[classroom] wall" "I have 180 DAYS to turn them into REVOLUTIONARIES" 'There's a reason why these kids[GenZ] are becoming FURTHER LEFT'

I Just Scare The


Author: Panos | Published: August 18, 2021

A prenatal test used worldwide sends gene data of pregnant women to the company that developed it with China’s military. The US sees a security risk…
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Users are falsely claiming that former U.S. President Donald Trump will be reinstated on Aug. 13, 2021. This claim stems from a conspiracy theory and is not based in fact.

This dad went to court because he was in a crowd of more than 10 in Canada, well what he ended up doing to the Court and the Queen Bee herself is just savage and this case now documented IS the PATH going FORWARD for the world, so no evidence of covids validity so, what is it, is it a plandemic after all. ...
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Canadian Man Nails The Court Shut on Covid Validity - Grand, Stellar!

Watch the FULL DOCUMENTARY exposing Bill Gates Question #1 - Why Did Microsoft File for a Patent for a Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity with a Publication Number WO-2020-060606?

This man is EVIL as the CCP - AT THE GATES OF HELL  EXPOSES THE MAN w/ the W0-2020-060606 PATENT

In what might be one of the most devastating tactical maneuvers in the history of America, President Trump has managed to corral as many as 124 million Democrats to take "Trump vaccines" that are linked to infertility, autoimmune disorders and increasing deaths.

GOT PLAYED: 124 million Democrats have taken Trump vaccines… what happens if they start dying? –

Human rights attorney addresses california board of supervisors about informed consent - children vax and the Nurenberg trials - in exactly 3 minutes and NAILS IT!!!

Human Rights attorney gave 3 min of vax/covid jaw dropping truth

Republican had claimed that the disease was not dangerous for non-obese people and the under-65s. The Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on Monday over tweets that violated the social media company’s Covid-19 misinformation policy.

Greene posted that the coronavirus was not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65, and that organisations should not force “non-FDA” approved vaccines or masks on people. These tweets have been labelled as “misleading”.
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Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account over Covid misinformation

People all thought Alex was a lunatic! Well flash-back to 2018 with Alex for a short recap and you are up to date, with "Exactly" what this man said would happen and it happened and it still happening. Takeover of the gen pop is coming, a physical take-over, the drip, drip is turned into a slow flow now, and vaccines are a weapon, of destruction,all a part of the plan and big names are as always involved, and everyone know that all the underground condos, apartments, townhouses with all the luxuries in check to live comfortably while above, the massive chaos takes place, a 10 year comfort stretch, while the orders are given to employ the collection of guns, money, collapse the dollar, infect with vaccines, overload and collapse the medicaid, medicare system, teach children to hate, train and deploy the BLM and Antifa crazies, stop religious groups, end free speech, employ Covid-Passports, steal elections, keep people without due process. ...
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Biden Announces Digital Dictatorship Plan FULL SHOW 7-18-21 - AJ on Target!


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