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The season finale of AMC’s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-produced Preacher depicted a character [...]

'Preacher' Season Finale Showed a Nazi Wearing a MAGA Hat

WTF?? Haha! IDK If anyone else knew about this but I saw this 'joker' on "Young Justice" after trying to catch back up so I can enjoy the new episodes. Excited that the Justice League is back in a respectable way I binged all of YJ & then caught a glimpse of SpiderMan doing evil sh*t and was like oh "..yeah that's cool...wait what?? SpiderMan,Dc..? Ok SpiderMan famously fights my fav. character Wolverine and is in X-Men episodes...Yeah not DC..who the hell was that..?"
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DC's evil Spider-Man : Black Spider (Character)|WorldOfBlackHeroes

Bizarro/Comics Kingdom
Comics Kingdom has the best comic strips, editorial cartoons, interactive puzzles and Sunday funnies in all the land.
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Grade is derailed, Oh yes he is and in real form tonight, you can't miss this sh*te. And he says Covid Sucks. And oh he is back. Oh my goodness, I can't take it. On the floor, hysterical, if you followed him, you, would no why.

Grade A Under A Is Back - Oh boy Priceless! A Must Hysterica!!

Toons are the most valuable beings EVER. Thats for sure.
Here is a list of all 171 Warner Brothers Toon characters.
If you recognize 20 or more, let me know and i wll send you a TOON-Bitcoin
Let`s roll:


THE first Batman comic to feature the caped crusader in its title has fetched a record £1.6million in an online auction. The near-mint issue of Batman No 1 cost ten cents in 1940 and features the s…

Ultra-rare Batman comic sells for record £1.6MILLION at online auction

A Tintin drawing by the Belgian artist Herge sold Thursday in Paris for 2.6 million euros ($3.1 million), breaking the record for the most expensive comic book art in history.

The 1936 work in Chinese ink, gouache and watercolor was destined as a cover for “The Blue Lotus,” the fifth volume of the adventures of Tintin, a young reporter created by Herge.

Tintin Comic Book Art Broke Auction Record at $3.1M






The best selling Latino comic book series! El Peso Hero!

Defender of immigrants, a hero to the disenfranchised, growing vexation for the Mexican cartels, corrupt officials and human traffickers, El Peso Hero makes waves along the border.
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The United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change issued a report that basically says the end of the world could happen in 22 years. The Doomsday Clock, that symbol devised to represent the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe, is set at two minutes to midnight, the closest it has been since 1953. Nope, we’re not describing the latest friggin’ Mad Max, these are today’s real-world news. All around us, it seems like dystopias are in fashion, and not necessarily because it’s très chic.
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