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Chris Rock has talked about racial issues his entire professional career. Over the history of stand-up comedy, in particular, you’d be hard-pressed to find a comedian that has tackled racism, racial politics, and the Black experience more than Rock. So, when he talks about his disdain for Civil Rights films, it might be a little shocking.
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Chris Rock Explains Why He

The Countach wasn’t Lamborghini’s first supercar, but its sleek angular lines certainly made a big impression when it hit the roads in 1974. And now an exclusive example of the vehicle that sold millions of posters in the ‘70s and ‘80s is hitting the block.

Later this month, Gooding & Co. is auctioning off a 1975 Countach LP400 Periscopa as part of its Geared Online classic car sale. And while a Countach may be a model any supercar enthusiast would love to have in their collection, this example’s exclusivity, coachwork and factory drivetrain make it even more attractive.
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Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles has revealed that when the long-running fantasy series comes to an end later this year, he'll be taking home an iconic prop from the set.

Ackles, who has played Dean Winchester in the CW show since 2005, told Digital Spy and other media that he has finally been given permission to take possession of something from the show that he's had his eye on for years.
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Supernatural star shares incredible prop he'll take home from set

Skydrive aims to have a commercially available version completed by 2023.

Watch: Japanese company's flying car takes successful test flight -

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The chrysler 300 letter car series were one of Chrysler's most prized and most luxurious high performance cars.The F version from 1960 was one of the most successful.Nowadays the letter cars series are expensive collectible cars and some of the best designed by Bob Rodger. The Youtube video is a review by Bob Rodger one of the creators of the 300 to get a more in depth review of the 300.
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My very very long long time appreciation for American Luxury prestige sedans made between 1957 till 1971 doesn't date from today , my favorite one from the forward Look Virgil Exner era , remains unmistakably the 1960 Imperial Southampton Lebaron, yet an unmistakably Imperial designed car by Virgil Exner but yet so unique and so beautiful ,it also had a much better handling and much more inner space than any of its Lincoln and Cadillac counterparts.
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An interesting video of some of the most epic cars that were used in Can Am racing filmed at the Goodwood festival in 2017 including McLaren M8F, Chaparral 2E, Porsche 917/30 & More!


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This is the second funniest tug of war I have seen. G63 vs SVR. Although I am an SVR fanatic, I was having my doubts on the logical outcome of this endeavor. After all the G63 has remained virtually unchanged over the years for one reason. It was too damn good to make better.

Ah well...the King is Dead, Long Live the King (SVR) smiley smiley
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I would like to own a torsus-terrastor to roam the bushes and beaches


The GT4 infuses engagement and sensation into every moment, a precise and perfected sports car unlike nearly anything else on the road.

2020 Porsche Cayman GT4 Is a 911 Killer

Definitely NOT the proudest moments for these drivers.... smiley smiley smiley

This Pontiac Bandit Trans Am is the last one autographed by Burt Reynolds and is being given away to help a worthy cause.

You've Got One Last Chance To Win This Bandit Trans Am Signed By Burt Reynolds

This new-gen 911 Turbo S got tantalizingly close to the official top speed.

As petrolheads, there is no worse feeling than getting a speeding ticket. Truly a stomach turner, but what if a speed camera caught you doing 437 mph (703 kph)? Due to a faulty speed camera, an Italian motorist can fill in the blanks.

An article out of Offagna, Italy states that the speed limit in the area was 43 mph (70 kph) when the motorist was clocked at roughly ten-times that pace. The Ford Focus obviously wasn’t getting that much of a shift on, but the police didn’t check the extraordinary numbers and, amazingly, still issued the fine. It’s very unfortunate as the driver was slugged with a $964 (€850) ticket and 10 points on their license.
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Ford Focus Caught Doing 437 MPH By Glitchy Speed Camera


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