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An Arby's restaurant in Minnesota removed a sign proclaiming only "well behaved" children are welcome, following an outcry from parents who called the move "appalling."

A mother of three walked into Elk River Arby's for dinner with her family last week when she came face to face with the notice.
Business • by BoonEvil • 2 views •  0 comments • 4 min ago

Facebook Inc removed 3.2 billion fake accounts between April and September this year, along with millions of posts depicting child abuse and suicide, according to its latest content moderation report released on Wednesday.
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 4 views •  0 comments • 39 min ago

Today’s Disney+ launch has not been without its hiccups, and there are certainly newly minted subscribers out there who feel like it has been, without a doubt, the worst streaming service debut ever. Rest assured that they were on the internet within minutes registering their disgust throughout the world.
Disney+ is cropping out Simpsons jokes
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 2 views •  0 comments • 1 hour ago

The premium cable network and film and TV studio have inked a multi-year deal to air on Showtime A24 feature films.
Showtime, A24 Films Sign Exclusive Feature Output Deal – Variety
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 1 views •  0 comments • 1 hour ago

"Google is not doing this out of the goodness of their heart..."
Ascension has more than 2,600 facilities, but its data - including critical patient data - is presently spread across 40 data centers in more than a dozen states.

But thanks to a deal between the two organizations that spawned Google's "Project Nightingale", all of that data are being moved into Google's cloud, and Google engineers are working on a system that they say could revolutionize how doctors use patient health data to make diagnoses.
Feds Launch Investigation Into Google's Secretive
Business • by 1FRAC1 • 3 views •  0 comments • 15 hours ago

Former HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler is back with a new venture, a production company based at Apple. 
Former HBO Topper Richard Plepler Inks Production Deal With Apple – Deadline
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 2 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

For some users, Disney Plus was a Disney Minus on its big launch day. Here's why the service likely failed to deliver.
Disney Plus Launch Snafus: What Went Wrong? – Variety
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 6 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

YouTube will soon reserve the right to delete your channel if it's deemed it to be "no longer commercially viable." Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins In Question to discuss
Business • by PureVodka🍺 • 9 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

Google is now collecting the most sensitive information from users.

Google has reportedly teamed up with Ascension, a giant healthcare company, to collect data on patients. The problem? None of the patients have been made aware that their data has been collected.

“The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday that the company has teamed up with Ascension, the second largest healthcare services company in the country, for a project that was being code-named Nightingale,” Daily Mail said. “Within hours of the Journal’s report, the two companies announced the collaboration in a press release where they revealed that Ascension’s data will move onto Google’s Cloud platform.”
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Business • by PureVodka🍺 • 2 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

The practice, called "fuel tankering," gives airlines an often tiny saving, at the cost of much larger carbon emissions, BBC's 'Panorama' claimed.
Airlines are flying tons of unneeded fuel around the world to save as little as R770 by not filling up in countries with higher prices
Business • by Ajak • 2 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

The survey questions show a company embroiled over whether it should have the power to decide what’s true or false. It’s an issue other platforms, like Facebook, have struggled with over the past couple months.
Twitter proposes draft deepfake policies - The Verge
Business • by 1FRAC1 • 16 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

Apple’s credit card is being investigated by financial regulators after customers accused its lending algorithms of discriminating against women. The row started after software developer David Heinemeier Hansson noted that his wife was offered 20 times less credit than him, despite her having a better credit score. ...
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Apple’s credit card is being investigated for discriminating against women - The Verge
Business • by 1FRAC1 • 5 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

Amazon is launching a new grocery store chain just outside of Los Angeles in 2020. It will be different from Whole Foods and won’t have the company’s cashierless checkout technology from its Amazon Go stores.
Amazon is opening its own grocery store in 2020 - The Verge
Business • by 1FRAC1 • 16 views •  2 comments • 2 days ago

YouTube is rolling out updated terms of service on December 10th, and a new line acts as a reminder that the company doesn’t have to keep any video up that it doesn’t want to. Other changes include children’s content, and who can watch those videos.
YouTube’s updated terms of service states ‘no obligation’ to host anyone’s video   - The Verge
Business • by 1FRAC1 • 11 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

China's Singes' Day spending spreee that begins Nov. 11 will set new sales records this year.
Alibaba Singles Day 2019 Sales Set New Record With $13 Billion In First Hour
Business • by Middleman • 5 views •  0 comments • 3 days ago

CBS' David Nevins is adding oversight of BET, while MTV/VH1 chief Chris McCarthy will take over Comedy Central, Paramount Network and more.
ViacomCBS Shakeup: David Nevins, Chris McCarthy Gain Channels, Kent Alterman Out – Variety
Business • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 2 views •  0 comments • 3 days ago

Bangor University student Ceri Hughes, 27, says she was taken aside and told off.
Bangor KFC worker 'told not to speak Welsh to customers' - BBC News
Business • by BoonEvil • 9 views •  1 comments • 5 days ago

Customers complain London store’s restrictive policy ‘steals Christmas’ from their children, acting like 'the Grinch who stole Christmas.'
James Browne, 40, who has made an annual pilgrimage to the Harrods grotto since his 15-year-old son, Toby, was a baby, said: “Harrods is behaving like the Grinch who stole Christmas. They have lost the true meaning of Christmas and given into the commercialisation of the season. Visiting Father Christmas shouldn’t be reserved for those that are fortunate enough to frequent the store and spend thousands of pounds.
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Harrods limits Christmas grotto to £2,000-plus spenders | Business | The Guardian
Business • by ThomasinaPaine • 2 views •  0 comments • 5 days ago

A push to raise taxes on the wealthy among Democrats — in a bid to reduce inequality — progressed on Thursday as lawmakers on Capitol Hill unveiled a proposal for additional tax on the wealthy.

Democrats Rep. Don Beyer, of Virginia, and Sen. Chris Van Hollen, of Maryland, announced the “millionaires surtax,” which would impose an additional 10-percentage point tax on incomes above $2 million for married couples, and $1 million for individuals. It would apply to wages, salaries, capital gains and other investment income, but not the wealth of a million dollars.
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Democrats roll out proposed tax on rich, the 'millionaires surtax' | Fox Business
Business • by stephen19 • 11 views •  1 comments • 5 days ago

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan is a disaster and would lead to an “enormous” doctor shortage, according to FOX News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel.

If Warren’s plan came to pass, doctors would be working for the government, which in turn would decide their pay, Dr. Siegel told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.
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Medicare-for-all could cause 'enormous' doctor shortage | Fox Business
Business • by stephen19 • 17 views •  2 comments • 6 days ago


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