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Donald Trump audiobook Crippled America

New Yorker writer, whose scepticism about her trade brought her both praise and blame, was also famed for studies of psychoanalysis and Sylvia Plath.

Janet Malcolm, author of The Journalist and the Murderer, dies aged 86 | Janet Malcolm | The Guardian

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Trump, has landed a book deal.

Kushner lands book deal, slated for release in 2022 | TheHill

There is a certain beauty in remembering the great influences of one’s youth. For me, one of those influences was Robert Anson Heinlein who could reasonably be called one of the the world’s greatest writers of science fiction.



First-generation Italian/Canadian, Mirella was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but grew up in Calgary, a city famous for the Calgary Stampede, oil companies, and the Canadian west. Throughout her career, she specialized in leadership and human resources. She has worked as an Italian-English bilingual secretary, police radio operator, and administrative manager.
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Children around the world have had their schooling upended by the coronavirus pandemic. A school principal in Pakistan has found a creative way to deliver new ideas to children in the country's poorest province — all with the help of a reliable camel.

Camel brings books and joy to home-schooled kids in Pakistan

In “First Steps,” Jeremy DeSilva tells the evolutionary story of moving on two feet and how it shaped human development.

What Made Our Species Unique: Walking - The New York Times

this wasn't supposed to come out until May, I was lucky to get a copy to share..

Most dogs today are slackers. A few have jobs—as guides for blind humans or K-9 officers, for example. But the range of employment open to canine workers is nothing like it was in medieval Europe, as historian Carole Rawcliffe explains.

Summary Article
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The story of Don "The Hand" Robusto and his Friend "Whizzy" continues.

The Story of Don "The Hand" Robusto and his best Friend "Whizzy" the Snake.

Carissa Véliz on Big Data and the Consequences of the Erosion of Our Privacy


Don's Lament

I disagree with the way things are going.
I'm against it ... against everything,
I say NO to anything.
I can do that best. It is my superpower.

I grumble and get upset all day and
then force myself to agree
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Also watch America's FrontLine Doctors - using Free Speech to reverse MSM COVIDiot Brainwashing. ... on the steps of The US Supreme Court in Wash, DC

please be patient video loads slowly
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