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Does anybody know Msnovember for Sheisnovember real name or biography? She is one of My favorite adult actresses and ebony pornstars, but I can not find very much personal information about Her accept Her adult films. I have been seeing Her around for a few Years now, but Msnovember for Sheisnovember is a mystery. ...
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Er, the dog found this on the beach.

What would be the benefits of quitting social media like Instagram or Twitter?

I know of some interesting things from YouTube and other sites I would like to share under a "Shopping Community" but I didn't find anything like that. IS there a way to start something like that. I know we have a tech community and a craft community. But what if there other sorts of things. Like how to set up a projector or how to place wireless Bluetooth speakers for best surround sound experience. What if we find things like this and the article or video has affiliate links in it. I just was wondering if we could set something like that up. That way if the post is a how-to we can post "How-To" and then the video title and then a link to the video and what we liked about it and why we are sharing it. And if its like a top 10 list we can post "Top (10)" and then the title of the video. That way people know there are affiliate links in the video.
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What is your "guilty pleasure" movie?

Note: Porn doesn't count.

This poll is for Americans. Those NOT American can express a preference...but they cannot vote. Unless you are afraid of offending your friends, or social retribution...tell us. Post it. Trump, or Biden? I stand with President Trump.

The second night (German night, MEZ / CET / UTC + 1h) in a row I have the following problem when I call up or refresh the site:
It takes a few minutes, then it works again. It can then take up to a minute for the site to load.
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We have the ideal writers who help you with delivering essays within short timeframes as outlined. They guide aspirants in the right approach that will take them a step closer to their expected scores and grades. We offer the best Online Assignment Help Ireland solutions to all your needs. ...
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Hi, how do I request tv series? I want to watch all the seasons of the challenge (mtv)). There’s only a couple on this site and they are mostly broken links. Thank you

Additional information is required in order to conduct the proposed study.
Don't mince your words. Everyone is welcome. Nobody is ridiculed.


Recent posts have offended, and or hurt some people. Sometimes this is done out of sudden anger, or without proper thought. It is my opinion that it is best that we attack the policies, or opinions of those we disagree with, and not the person themselves. ...Is this acceptable to everyone? If not...kiss my azz! LOL!


[CLOSED] Math Time!

Posted by: Omenomen

I tried to count all politically incorrect moments in this clip, but every single time, the final number is different. Any help?

... we do some roleplay? Role reversal is a very useful tool in psychotherapy practices.
Let me explain what I mean. The "good" and the "bad" folks here sit down on the chairs of the other gang. You empathize with the other side and think, feel and act like them.
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What is your favorite story from the Gospel?

Is there a work people usually consider a masterpiece, and you just can not stand it?

After a while I can not edit/delete something that I posted.

How long do we have to edit/delete something that we posted?

What movie from your childhood had the biggest influence on your future opinion/behavior?

...I'd like to know: What was your first LP/ CD?
Take a deep dive into the past and bath in pleasant memories:-)


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