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The Houston Association of Realtors will use "primary" to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on its listing service and replace the word "master."

Wail what about other words, " ? bait" ? movies, TV shows, books,etc.
Texas realtor group says it will no longer use the word

Is it ok to eat a box of animal crackers if the seal is broken ?

Armed conflict, state-sponsored forced labor, and forced marriages were the main causes behind the estimated 9.2 million Africans who live in servitude without the choice to do so, according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index.

Did anyone else know this nugget??
Africa now has world's highest rate of modern-day slavery — Quartz Africa

Ok, so why was the statue of Matthias Baldwin defaced like this? He was an abolitionist who funded schools for black children out of pocket. No genocide there.

— Eric Ernerstedt (@ericernerstedt) June 11, 2020
Park Volunteer Outraged over Vandalism of Monument to Philadelphia Abolitionist: 'He Was BLM Before There Was A Slogan' | National Review

After several nights of looting, rioting and vandalism across the United States CNN contributor Van Jones defended the carnage by comparing the “protests” to the Boston Tea Party which was a targeted attack on the British East India Company. Hundreds of businesses and government offices were destroyed.  Hundreds of businesses were plundered.  And numerous detractors…
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Asshat Chris Cuomo Compares Mass Riots, Lootings, Torchings Across America to Boston Tea Party (VIDEO)

I've already asked Doc directly w/no reply so I'm now going public w/this rant.

I pen a response, and you cats and kitties know I'm not one to violate the TOS, hit the Post Response button and then get forwarded to a screen where I'm asked to prove I'm not a bot.

Here I'm subjected to a sectioned screen where I'm told to click on each section containing a traffic light/school bus or some other inane BS.
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What's the most useless device on your kitchen?

What movie (or movies) was way better than the book and why?

What's the harsh reality no one accepts?



If Covid-19 wasn't dominating the world news, what would be some of the biggest stories be right now?

You have 15 seconds to ruin a wedding. What do you do in the 15 seconds?

I would love to find a community on anysubj about anime. I have been a major fan of it since I was a kid and would love to share my thoughts about recent episodes and newer and older anime. Even get random thought and ideas on anime I have never seen before. If there is a community on here for anime please drop a link to the community in the comments. Or if there is not a community on here for that how could I try and get one started if possible.
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Is it safe to eat a box of animal crackers if the seal is broken? The lion and giraffe are ok.

I think the Corey Feldman special on pedophelia in Hollywood is supposed to air one time only tonight at 9 pm pst. I won't be surprised if it is cancelled for some corny reason at airtime. at any rate, is anyone plannin' to put up links if it does show? I hope so.

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If you’ve ever seen pretty much any action movie involving a badass spy or member of law enforcement, you know a common trope in the industry is to have the protagonist firing away at the bad guys with a gun in both hands. But is this ever actually done in real life and, if so, what’s considered the proper method for such badass looking weapon wielding?
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Why do you even think the way that you do? It is obvious that the glass is half empty! Please explain your delusional thinking to me.



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