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The Guardian’s picture editors select highlights from around the world


Capturing this sunrise required both luck and timing. First and foremost, precise timing was needed to capture a sailboat crossing right in front of a rising Sun. Additionally, by a lucky coincidence, the background Sun itself appears unusual -- it looks like the Greek letter Omega (Ω). In reality, the Sun remained its circular self -- the Omega illusion was created by sunlight refracting through warm air just above the water. Optically, the feet of the capital Omega are actually an inverted image of the Sun region just above it. Although somewhat rare, optical effects caused by the Earth's atmosphere can make distant objects near the horizon -- including the Sun and Moon -- look quite unusual. This single exposure image was taken over the Mediterranean Sea just over two weeks ago near Valencia, Spain.
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A selection of rare photographs of Audrey Hepburn taken during two of her major film roles have gone on sale for £6,000.

The legendary British actress was snapped while starring in 1956 epic War and Peace and also The Nun's Story, which was released three years later.

In the former, which was an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel, she starred as heroine Countess Natasha Rostova.
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Photos of Audrey Hepburn in Costume for Films


Sailboats in Warnemünde, Germany . . .

These sailboats in Warnemünde, Germany, set the scene perfectly for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The holiday (yeah, we're calling it a holiday) was first imagined in 1995 by two Oregon residents. ...

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Olsen House 1966
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Andrea Kowch has been described as “a powerful voice emerging, demonstrating a highly sensitive consciousness that informs a culturally-laced symbolism.” Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1986, she attended the College for Creative Studies through a Walter B. Ford II Scholarship, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in 2009, double majoring in Illustration and Art Education. Her paintings and works on paper are rich in mood, allegory, and precision of medium, reflecting a wealth of influences from Northern Renaissance and American art to the rural landscapes and vernacular architecture of her native Michigan.
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Footage of the likeness of a Hogwarts-style castle appearing to float in the sky has caused a sensation on Chinese social media.

The ghostly image of what looked like Harry Potter's school was spotted hovering above modern buildings in Shandong Province in eastern China this morning, according to accounts.
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Hogwarts, Harry Potter's School, Seemingly Appeared Above a Chinese City


Rocamadour, France . . .

Gazing down the lush Alzou river valley at the vertically-oriented village of Rocamadour, you won't be surprised some regard the medieval French town as a holy site: Its beauty alone is mystical. ...

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Take a look at some of the light-hearted images of wildlife submitted by finalists from this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

Take a look at some of the light-hearted images of wildlife submitted by finalists from this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography awards
Comedy Wildlife Photography awards 2020 finalists – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian


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