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In all the pandemic, homeoffice and presidential election turbulances i sometimes take the time to daydream in the net.
Some months ago i ended up on a website called "globalmansion" and ever since than i get many pop ups of mindblowing real estates all over the globe.

OF COURSE they are faaaar to expensive (except for the three cheapest ones maybe smiley ) but its a good place to let imagination flow.
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We look forward to welcoming guests back to the Tower as soon as public health authorities and Canada Lands Company determine that it is safe to do so,” says CN Tower.

Covid-19 is ruining everything, that Hot Pizza looks so good too.

CN Tower closes operations amid surge in coronavirus cases | News

A palace built in 1776 near Moscow, by the order of Catherine II, the Empress of Russia. It was turned into a museum in 1984.



Château de Voltaire à Ferney


Kye Gompa monastery, India


Great Cathedral Mystery
Master craftsmen explore how Florence's monumental dome was built nearly 600 years ago.

The dome that crowns Florence’s great cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore—the Duomo—is a towering masterpiece of Renaissance ingenuity and an enduring source of mystery. Still the largest masonry dome on earth after more than six centuries, it is taller than the Statue of Liberty and weighs as much as an average cruise ship. Historians and engineers have long debated how its secretive architect, Filippo Brunelleschi, managed to keep the dome perfectly aligned and symmetrical as the sides rose and converged toward the center, 40 stories above the cathedral floor. His laborers toiled without safety nets, applying novel, untried methods. Over 4 million bricks might collapse at any moment—and we still don’t understand how Brunelleschi prevented it. To test the latest theories, a team of U.S. master bricklayers will help build a unique experimental model Duomo using period techniques. Will it stay intact during the final precarious stages of closing over the top of the dome?
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SAGA Space Architects have created a moon shelter that expands to allow two people to live inside. The creators plan to test the protoytpe in Greenland later this year.

Video: Origami-inspired Shelter Could Allow Two People to Live on the Moon

Happy 800th, Salisbury Cathedral
We're in the English county of Wiltshire to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Salisbury Cathedral—the towering marvel of Early English Gothic design rising behind these contentedly grazing sheep. The massive church's first foundation stones were laid here in Salisbury—then called New Sarum—on April 28, 1220. The structure itself dates back even further, the bulk of it having been moved over a mile piece by piece from the former Roman stronghold of Old Sarum.

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If you had any doubts that Majorca has become an epicenter of affluence, this incredible hilltop Spanish estate will convince you.

The Mind-Blowing Spanish Mansion With a Pool That Becomes a Helipad – Robb Report

Name: Celine Dion Residence Price: $72,000,000 USD (Dec – 2013) Main Residence: 10,000 sq. ft. Total Estate Size: 16,478 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 17 Bathrooms: 24 Pool System: 500,000-gallon aquatic Water Park with three separate resort quality pools including professional twisting water slides, a slow current lazy river, a child friendly bridge and a pool house. ...
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Celine Dion Residence – 215 S Beach Rd, Jupiter Island, FL, USA 🇺🇸 – The Pinnacle List

Name: Portabello Estate Type: Organic Contemporary Price: $75,000,000 USD – (July 03, 2007) Sold: $34,119,500 USD – (Oct 20, 2010) Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 12.5 Size: 22,000 sq. ft. Lot: 0.49 acres Built: 2002 The Portabello estate is more than just a landmark property, it is a free-flowing dream house that can almost be considered an […]

Portabello Estate – 4627 Brighton Rd, Corona Del Mar, CA, USA 🇺🇸 – The Pinnacle List

Name: Quinta da Marinha Vila L23 Type: Modern Contemporary Bedrooms: 4 Size: 11,840 sq. ft. Lot: 24,649 sq. ft. Built: 2011 A stunning luxury villa on Portugal’s Estoril Coast inspired by the timeless beauty of its setting, the Wall House residence seeks to embrace rather than compete with nature. Its bold design, sleek lines and […]

Wall House Luxury Residence – Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹 – The Pinnacle List

Name: Billionaire – 924 Bel Air Road Property Type: Modern Contemporary Price: $250,000,000 – (June 27, 2017) Sold: $94,000,000 – (Oct 24, 2019) Bedrooms: 12 Bathrooms: 21 Size: 38,000 sq. ft. Lot: 1.08 acres. Built: 2016 A pinnacle of splendour and ultra-exclusivity aptly named Billionaire, 924 Bel Air Rd is a stunning 38,000 sq. ...
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$250 Million Luxury Residence – 924 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA, USA 🇺🇸 – The Pinnacle List


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