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ANIMAL experts have noticed disturbing signs that suggest the world's cats are somehow becoming 'more aware' of the spike in mortality rates thanks to Covid-19, and are eagerly awaiting making a feast of your remains …
Cat Looking Forward To Eating You When You Die – Waterford Whispers News

Around this time of year, Floridians don't just have to worry about aggressive drivers on the road — they should be on the lookout for aggressive alligators, too, according to officials who on Friday had to remove a 9-foot (2.8-meter) gator from a county road.
Florida Authorities Warn of Road Rage Among Mating Gators

These SoCal dolphins are lit, y'all -- quite literally, and while it might look out of this world ... it's just simple bioluminescence.

The incredible nature scene played out Wednesday just after sunset in Newport Beach ... but the footage, captured by photographer Patrick Coyne, didn't start spreading like fire until it was posted Thursday night by a popular whale watching company.
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Pod of Dolphins Glows Blue in Bioluminescent Waves, Really Cool Video

Weeks after a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, officials have announced that four more tigers and three lions have also tested positive for the disease.

Officials said they noticed other animals were showing similar symptoms as Nadia the 4-year-old female Malayan tiger.

Samples were collected from her nose, throat and respiratory tract while she was under anesthesia.
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Thailand has found the largest number of nests of rare leatherback sea turtles in two decades on beaches bereft of tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic, environmentalists say.

Along beaches and in parks, wild animals are reclaiming their world as restrictions keep humans indoors.
As COVID shutdown halts tourism, crocodiles take over deserted beach

The coronavirus has caused untold misery among millions of Americans, but for some dogs and cats in desperate circumstances ... it's given them a life-saving reprieve.
Palm Beach County Animal Shelter Empty for First Time Ever

When a man bought himself a pair of false teeth to give himself a laugh in isolation, it worked out better than he could ever have imagined.

Ben Campbell, from Michigan, decided comically large teeth were just what he needed to cheer himself up, and perhaps hoped a few funny selfies could lift the spirits of others too.
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Dog Stole Set of False Teeth and Wore Them Perfectly Leaving Owner

EXCLUSIVE: A new project will see the dogs receive samples of fabric worn by coronavirus patients to see if the virus has a unique odour which they can detect which could allow them to screen people
Coronavirus: Dogs being trained to diagnose bug and could screen 750 people an hour - Mirror Online

A flock of sheep is taking over a golf course in England while the UK is under coronavirus lockdown.
Sheep Take Over Golf Course in England, Act As Greenskeepers

A pride of lions take advantage of traffic-free roads in Kruger National Park for an afternoon rest.
Coronavirus: Lions nap on road during South African lockdown - BBC News

Bald eagles and their eaglets were found nesting in an Arizona saguaro cactus for the first time in decades, the Associated Press reported.
Bald Eagles In America Found Doing Something For First Time In Decades | The Daily Caller

CALGARY — Turk Diggler is looking for love, and one Calgary city councillor is wondering whether to play matchmaker.Sightings of the lone male turkey with brown and grey feathers and a red wattle began about a year ago in Calgary’s Ramsay neighbourhood southeast of downtown.
’Can we hook him up?’ Turkey on loose in Calgary wandering in search of mate | Toronto Sun

Here are 3 famous YouTube birds you should know about -- including Petra the Parrot, whose special talent is ordering from Alexa.

Staff are thanking everyone involved in the “amazing milestone.”
Every dog adopted in Florida shelter for the first time in its history | TheHill

The German zoo, which is struggling financially due to a lack of any patrons, said the plan was a worst-case scenario.
A Zoo That Closed Due To The Coronavirus Said It May Feed Some Animals To Others

German zoos struggle with a major loss of income due to coronavirus, as running costs remain high
Coronavirus: German zoo may have to feed animals to each other - BBC News


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