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Forty cows escaped a slaughterhouse and ended up in a Los Angeles suburb where one was killed after charging a family, authorities said Wednesday. The cows were reported running loose on the streets of Pico Rivera around 7:30 p.m.

40 cows escape LA suburb slaughterhouse, 1 charges family

A plague of mice that has ravaged vast swathes of eastern Australia has forced the evacuation of a prison while authorities repair gnawed electrical wiring and clear dead and decaying mice from walls and ceilings.

Australian prison to be evacuated after mice move in

A punishing drought in the U.S. West is drying up waterways, sparking wildfires and leaving farmers scrambling for water. Next up: a plague of voracious grasshoppers. Federal agriculture officials are launching what could become their largest grasshopper-killing campaign since the 1980s amid an outbreak of the drought-loving insects that cattle ranchers fear will strip bare public and private rangelands.

Western drought brings another woe: voracious grasshoppers

The hashtag "#AbbottHatesDogs" is trending on Twitter after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) vetoed a measure on Friday that would have expanded animal cruelty laws.

#AbbottHatesDogs trends after Texas governor vetoes bill expanding animal cruelty law | TheHill

Drone footage has captured the social lives of southern resident killer whales like never before, and their friendships look surprisingly similar to our own.

Drone Footage Shows Even Killer Whales Have Close 'Friends'

A project to preserve endangered Tasmanian devils on a small island has backfired after the predators killed seabirds in large numbers, a conservation group says.

A small number of devils were shipped to Maria Island east of Tasmania, Australia, in 2012.

The move aimed to protect the mammals from a deadly facial cancer that had driven them towards extinction.
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Oversized, hairy tarantulas may be unsightly and venomous, but surprisingly their hunter toxin may hold answers to better control of chronic pain.

A bird-catching Chinese tarantula bite contains a stinger-like poison that plunges into a molecular target in the electrical signaling system of their prey’s nerve cells.

Tarantula Toxin Attacks With Molecular Stinger – May Hold Answers to Better Control of Chronic Pain

A Connecticut aquarium plans to auction off the chance to name three of its five recently arrived beluga whales to raise money for their care and to offset the cost of transporting them from Canada.

Aquarium to auction off chance to name 3 beluga whales

Even if humans have trouble telling time in the "land of the midnight sun," many animals can adjust their schedules to the summer solstice.

At least six different species' prints were found in Folkestone after being exposed by a storm.

Dinosaur footprints found in Folkestone cliffs and coast - BBC News

"Harley" - a six-year-old Goldendoodle - saved a fawn in from drowning in a lake in Virginia. The pup's owner posted pictures and video on his Facebook page, and the post went viral.

Goldendoodle Rescued Fawn from Drowning in Virginia Lake

Scientists have found a dead Asian giant hornet north of Seattle, the first so-called murder hornet discovered in the country this year, federal and state investigators said Wednesday.

Dead 'murder hornet' near Seattle is 1st found in US in 2021

The coelacanth — a giant weird fish still around from dinosaur times — can live for 100 years, a new study found. These slow-moving, people-sized fish of the deep, nicknamed a “living fossil,” are the opposite of the live fast, die young mantra.

Weird 'living fossil' fish lives 100 years, pregnant for 5

The captive-bred hazel dormouse is now settling into its new woodland home in Lancashire.

Thousandth dormouse brought back to the wild - BBC News

Seeing record-breaking numbers of knot take flight "should be on everybody's bucket list".

Knot numbers hit record level at RSPB Snettisham - BBC News

Standing 16 feet tall at the shoulders, the prehistoric beast weighed as much as four African elephants.

Newly Discovered Giant Rhino Fossil Defies the Imagination

Pictures show a lack of Arctic terns nesting on Inner Farne, with critics blaming overgrown vegetation.

Overgrown Farne Island plants spark Arctic tern nesting fears - BBC News


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