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With 4.5 million visitors last year, the park is not always a great option for any kind of social distancing, especially in the very scenic ― and often very crowded ― Yosemite Valley.

But with the park closed during the pandemic, some of its more elusive creatures are making an appearance ― including the solitary and noctural bobcat.
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A new batch of these ostentatiously coloured and popular arachnids is described in Australia.
Peacock spiders show more of their colours - BBC News
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A British charity has teamed up with scientists to see whether dogs could help detect COVID-19 through their keen sense of smell, they said on Friday.
Sniffer dogs could detect Coronavirus cases at airports
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Researchers from the University of Gothenburg said big brains or lots of offspring are the two strategies that are key to survive in an unnatural environment.
Birds thrive in towns by having big brains or lots of chicks, study found
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Scientists have found that Niagara Falls appears to serve as a barrier that prevents fish from crossing over.
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Just Beautiful had to share this. click back on time line for daytime activity!!
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The Northwest Territories government has been authorized to proceed immediately with a plan that includes using satellite collars and shooting from aircraft to cut wolf populations by up to 80 per cent.
N.W.T. wolf cull plan that includes shooting from aircraft approved | CBC News
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It's a mini-march of the penguins at a Chicago aquarium that's closed to the public over coronavirus concerns. On Monday, the Shedd Aquarium shared a series of adorable videos on Twitter of their three rockhopper penguins "on a field trip" as they wandered around the zoo with their keepers.
Penguins wander through aquarium that’s closed to the public | Toronto Sun
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Beatrice the French bulldog, best known for playing Stella on the hit TV series “Modern Family,” has reportedly died just days after the show’s final episode wrapped.

The dog succumbed last week to unknown causes. She was approximately 10 years old, The Blast reported.

On the show, Stella was the beloved pet of Ed O’Neill’s character, family patriarch Jay Pritchett.
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A one-eared golden retriever puppy named Rae is making thousands of people smile online with her adorable Instagram pictures.
Meet the One-Eared Puppy That’s Sure to Make Your Day | E! News
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Thank You BoonEvil😍
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