Danny Trejo will guest-star during Season 3 of the Starz drama 'American Gods' — get more details!
‘American Gods’: Danny Trejo Cast as Mr. Write in Season 3 | TVLine
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As far as current filmmakers go, you would be hard-pressed to find a director with a current streak of incredible films like Yorgos Lanthimos. Over the last four years, the filmmaker has turned in three truly special films, “The Lobster,” “The Killing of the Sacred Deer,” and last year’s Oscar-winning film “The Favourite.” Needless to …
Yorgos Lanthimos Teaming With Fox Searchlight To Direct The TV Series 'The Man In The Rockefeller Suit'
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Ben Affleck will direct and produce the historical drama "King Leopold’s Ghost," set in the early 20th Century in the Congo.
Ben Affleck Directing, Producing Drama ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ – Variety
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WASHINGTON—Justifying the expenditure as necessary to preserve the only bastion of democracy in the Middle East, both houses of Congress voted unanimously Thursday to extend $3 billion in emergency military aid to Benjamin Netanyahu to defend himself against the Israeli justice system.
Congress Approves $3 Billion In Military Aid For Netanyahu To Defend Self Against Israeli Justice System
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A new Federal Elections Commission filing unearthed by New York Times reporter Nick Confessore shows that the Republican National Committee blew nearly $100,000 to help promote Donald Trump Jr.’s book “Triggered.”
RNC blew nearly $100,000 to help put Trump Jr’s book on the bestseller list – Raw Story
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BLACK SEA—Relaxing on the luxury ship after having gotten away with the greatest scheme in U.S. history scot-free, the Democratic National Committee server was reportedly celebrating its escape from justice Thursday while surrounded by bikini-clad women on a yacht in the Black Sea.
DNC Server Celebrates Escape From U.S. Jurisdiction Surrounded By Bikini-Clad Women On Yacht In Black Sea
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WASHINGTON—Gritting his teeth as his face reddened with effort, Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly straining to rapture himself Thursday before the impeachment inquiry into President Trump could proceed any further.
Sweating, Grunting Mike Pence Straining To Rapture Himself Before Impeachment Inquiry Goes Any Further
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Archaeologists in Ecuador have uncovered evidence of a previously undocumented funeral ritual, in which the heads of recently deceased infants were adorned with the skulls of other children. Scientists can only speculate as to the reasons why.
Infant Skeletons Wearing ‘Helmets’ Made of Other Children’s Skulls Stun Archaeologists
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Newly discovered and well-preserved fossils of snakes, particularly snake skulls, suggest they had back legs for an extended period.
Snakes had back legs for 70 million years, new fossil shows | CTV News
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Scientists may have discovered a fifth force of nature that, if confirmed, could provide answers to the question of dark matter.  As far as scientists are aware, everything in our Universe is held together or pushed apart by four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two nuclear interactions. ...
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Scientists Think They Just Discovered The Fifth Force Of Nature - UNILAD
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Meteorites that crashed into Earth billions of years contain sugars, researchers say, lending support to the idea that asteroids may hold some of the ingredients to life.
NASA has found sugar in meteorites that crashed to Earth | CTV News
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he is "proud" of his decision to tear up hundreds of renewable energy deals signed by the previous Liberal government.
Doug Ford ‘proud’ of decision to tear up hundreds of green energy contracts  |
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The final testimony of an extraordinary week of impeachment hearings came from a former White House national security adviser and a political counsellor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
Here are the key points from Fiona Hill and David Holmes’ testimonies so far - National |
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BOOM: This Needs Wall-to-Wall Coverage!
While the nation is focused on another day of the fake impeachment hearings, the corporate media is doing its best to quash a story that reveals members of the Obama administration ...
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Labour's Election manifesto Ridiculed On BBC Politics Live, How Bad Is It?
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PoliticalMemes • by MarkRowley • 37 views •  5 comments • 4 hours ago

The impeachment hearings are destroying the Democrats as opposition to the inquiry surges; we’re going to take a look at why support is imploding and why the Democrats are trapped with their own mess that they’ve made with no way out! You’re going to love this
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