The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived - A True Story about Beautiful Jim Key the Horse

Members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate are calling on Congress to dispute the state’s 20 electors when the Joint Session of Congress meets on Jan. 6.

In a letter (pdf) to the Pennsylvania state delegation, the GOP lawmakers noted that the U.S. Constitution “empowers Congress to reject electoral votes that are not ‘regularly given’ or ‘lawfully certified,’” while adding that conduct from Pennsylvania’s executive branch during the election “has undermined the lawful certification of Pennsylvania’s delegation to the Electoral College.”
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Pennsylvania GOP Lawmakers Call on Congress to Dispute State’s Electoral College Vote

The Arizona House and Senate have called for an audit of the Maricopa County election software and equipment following allegations of fraud and other irregularities presented by President Donald Trump’s team earlier this week.

In a news release Friday, GOP leaders of the Republican-controlled legislature sought an independent audit of Dominion Voting Systems software—used in Maricopa County—called for the audit.
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Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate ‘Forensic Audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines

A judge in Antrim County, Michigan, has authorized a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” the former New York City Mayor wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.”
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Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Review of 22 Dominion Voting Machines, Giuliani Says

Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches

*So GOOD And Not What You'll Expect* I wish I could Have put this in Inspirational section but there was none!

Adolf Hitler recently won a local election in Namibia by a landslide, becoming the councilor for the Ompundja Constituency in the north of the country.

Adolf Hitler Wins Local Election in Namibia - Oddee

The Electoral College is a historic relic in our constitutional system. It's basically never worked as intended. The original idea in the Constitution was to have state legislatures select a well informed deliberative body of electors to actually gather to choose a president and to have the second-place vote getter become vice president. ...
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Abolishing the Electoral College is closer than you think

His actions may convert the pardon power into a presidential license to commit federal crimes while in office.


25 years later....hummm. A peace agreement necessary back then to end the war doesn't seem to work. Balkans still on fire. Some reading on what was this agreement:

Western Media:
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Like them or not, the president's tweets belong not only to American history but to our common literary heritage

America's greatest writer?

THE KRAKEN: 'We'll be back in court': Newsmax TV

Something Doesn't Smell Right: Mark Dice

Mark James - original

Elvis Presley - cover

Fine Young Cannibals - cover

Dwight Yoakam - cover
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Dark Lady

*I was 9 yrs old when I started watching The Sonny & Cher Show* Really loved her 3 songs from way back 1) Dark Lady 2) Half Breed 3)Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
*Who Remembers Them??

Early on Sunday morning, the skies above a secluded military complex in central Australia will be brightened by a fireball plummeting to Earth. It will be a flamboyant homecoming for the sample return capsule from Hayabusa2, a Japanese spacecraft launched almost exactly six years ago on a mission to shoot an ancient asteroid and steal some of its dirt. If the capsule survives its fiery descent, its payload of pristine space rock will help scientists understand the earliest days of our solar system, shed light on the mysterious origins of meteorites, and may even provide clues about the emergence of life on Earth.
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Asteroid Sample Returning to Earth For the Second Time Ever

The House on Friday passed sweeping legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, the first time either chamber of Congress has voted to legalize cannabis.

The measure, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, passed on a largely party-line vote of 228-164.
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House Passed Sweeping Reform Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana


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